25th November 2014


Neccessities- what should I take?

  • ID card / passport + Visa (if it is required)
  • Travel Insurance / European Health Insurance Card and ISIC / Euro26, if you have one. If you are a citizen of a country which is a member of European Economic Area (European Union countries + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, free treatment in a case of emergency is available for you. However, you are obliged to have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Remember about it! Moreover, if you are not a citizen of the country which are replaced above, please, take into consideration in advance, that you will have to be prepared for paying for any treatment and the participation fee you have paid does not include insurance.
  • Cash (on majority of public transport you cannot pay by card; otherwise cards are widerly accepted).
  • Medicines (especially if you have an allergy or you have to take some specific pills on a daily basis)
  • Clothes adapted to the weather (which you can check here: http://www.weather-forecast.com/locations/Krakow/forecasts/latest ). Weather can be very random in April in Krakow, ranging from 0 celcius to even as high as +25.

What to expect from the cultural evening?

On Saturday evening we are planning to do a cultural night – therefore we would like each and every one of you to share the experiences of your country. You will have about 3-5 minutes during which you can dance, play a short video of your country or do anything you wish related to culture. We would like you to bring national costumes, or at least a part of a costume like a hat or skirt if you do not have full costumes and also please share food from your country. Whether it is cheese, pate, smoked ham or some sweets, we are sure everyone will enjoy it! The more, the merrier!

I got stuck at the airport or other emergency just occurred – whom do I contact? 

Ania (0048 735006618) / Mateusz (0048 514807144)

I plan to leave suitcases at the bus/train station- is that possible?

Yes, lockers at the train and bus station are in place

I need an extra night of accommodation – what do I do?

You need to contact your group leader at least 72 hours prior to your arrival and additionally you need to input that information to the google doc which is available under  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HMUvQNPpsRN6jrKWlXk7GPcMkZyLbS0cp4hbPuBTqug/edit#gid=0

Will you organize a transfer from the airports/stations?

Once you know what means you will be travelling by, please fill in the google doc so that we know when you are arriving, and can coordinate your transfer to the venue of the event https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HMUvQNPpsRN6jrKWlXk7GPcMkZyLbS0cp4hbPuBTqug/edit?usp=sharing

Are you planning to organize social events?

Yes, we are- details are still being finalised. We will make sure you make every moment of your time spent in Krakow. Yet, we are aware that you will need some time to relax, too.