23rd November 2014



21 April 2016 (Thursday)

11.00-18.00     Arrivals and registration (Przegorzaty guesthouse)

18.30-20.00     Registration and informal welcoming evening in the foyer at Przegorzaty guest house

22 April 2016 (Friday)

7:30-8:00         (optional: morning meditation)

8:00-9:30         Breakfast

9:30-11:00   Opening Ceremony: introduction of the organizers: AEGEE (Karolina Lapczyk) and Youth to Youth Initiative (Karolina Mazetyte, Saida lbrahimava), logistical and organizational  issues (Ania Ankowska), moderated by Ania Ankowska

11:00-11:30     Coffee break

11:30-13:00  Opening panel+ Q&As: Understanding of the corruption phenomenon:discussion Krzysztof lzdebski (Policy Director of Porozumienie Fundament, Poland), representative of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (TBC), Mariusz Witalis (Ernst&Young, Poland), Karolis Granickas (Open Contracting Partnership, Lithuania); moderated by Ben Wheatland

13:00-14:00     Lunch

14:00-15:30     Panel 1: Corruption in sports: movie screening followed  by a discussion with Bonita Mersiadez, Robert Btaszczak and Ben Wheatland; moderated by Hossam Gadou

15:30-16:00     Coffee break

16:00-17:30   Panel 2: The role of youth in fighting corruption–  Dumisani Mthombeni (lawyer and activist, Zimbabwe), lason O’Duinnin (president  of Anti-Corruption International, Ireland), Nicholas Tan Check Foong (activist, Malaysia); moderated by Ben Wheatland

17:30-17:45     Quick break

17:45-19:30  Panel 3: Food for thought: Corruption and culture movie screening+ interactive discussion about different perceptions  of corruption and its implications in various environments (gathering experiences of different people from various countries and sharing experiences) moderated by Tiago Ferreira Lopes

20:00-21:OO       Arranged evening together

23 April 2016 (Saturday)

7:30-8:00         (optional: morning meditation)

7:30-9:00         Breakfast

9:00-11:00       Panel 4:  Education and corruptionDavid Riveros Garcia (World Bank, founder  of reAccion Paraguay), Fiona Leach (Professor, University of Sussex, United Kingdom), jecel Censoro (Asian Development Bank, Phillipines); moderated by Ben Wheatland

11:00-11:30     Coffee Break

11:30-13:00  Panel 5: Revealing Corruption- panel discussion with representatives from ePanstwo Foundation Asia Przybylska, investigative journalist Hicham Mansouri  (Tunisia), Pawet Rutkowski (Anti-Corruption Bureau, Poland), Karolis Granickas (Open Data lnsitute, Open Contracting Partnership, Lithuania), Gavin MacFadyen (The Center for Investigative journalism, United Kingdom), Jarek Jabrzyk (TVN, Poland); moderated by Tiago Ferreira Lopes

13:00-14:00      Lunch break

14:00-15:30     Panel 6:  Role of the Civil Societv in Combatting  Corruption  – Grzegorz Makowski  (Stefan Batory Foundation, Poland), Mark Vlasic, (former  White House Fellow and Assistant to the Secretary of Defense United  States), Prosper Simbarashe  Maguchu  – (lawyer, MA DAAD scholarship holder, Germany), Patricia Galdamez (Community  of Democracies, El Salvador), Bonnie Chiu (Lensational, Hong Kong), Michal  Klusek (Fundacja Stanczyka,Poland); moderated by Tiago Ferreira Lopes

15:30-16:00     Coffee break

16:00-17:00     Special wrap up session-  discussion with Elena Panfilova (Transparency International Board, Russia) and Karolis Granickas (Open Contracting Partnership)

18:00-21:00      Intercultural evening- short presentation of the region/country of origin of the participants

24 April 2015 (Sunday)- project management  workshops

7:30-8:00         (optional: morning meditation)

7:30-9:00         Breakfast

9:00-10:15       Workshops- participants  divided into 3 groups, rotation of the group for 3 workshops:

I)      From an idea to  a project  proposal  delivered  by lngrida Palaimaite (Lithuania)

II) Team building activities and team work  delivered  by Hossam Gadou (Egypt)

Ill)Youth engagement delivered by Maria Habanikova (Slovakia)

10:15-10:30     Quick refreshment break

10:30-11:45     Workshop II (rotating basis)

11:45-12:15     Coffeebreak

12:15-13:30     Workshop Ill (rotating basis)

13:30-14:00     Lunch break

14:00-15:00     Closing ceremony

18:00                Farewell evening at Atelier,Jewish District

25th April2015 (Monday)

8:00- 11:00       Breakfast and check out. End of the event.