23rd November 2014

How to get there

 How to get to Kraków (and more generally, Poland)?

Kraków has an airport [KRK] which has connections with many cities in Europe. From the airport you can take a train or a bus (line 292) which will take you to the center of the city (Dworzec Główny). There are lockers available 24/7 at the station inside the train terminal in case you want to do some sightseeing prior to the event (bus and train stations are situated in the same location, at the end of a beautiful square), next to the Galeria Krakowska building.

If there is no connection between your city and Kraków, you can always try to get to Katowice and take the direct bus to Kraków (you can book a seat for example here: http://www.matuszek.com.pl/a_index.php?lang=en at around 12 Euro one-way).

If you want to visit other cities before visiting Kraków, try to find a plane to Warsaw, our capital city. To get to Krakow you can take a train (about 2hours and half) to Kraków (about 10 euro if you choose a regional train or if you book well in advance and about 25 euro when booked on the day) or a bus called Polski Bus which runs few times per day and takes about 4 hours. Similarly, there are frequent connections with Wrocław. Trains are bookable 30 days in advance and most of the time are only valid on a specific train – therefore do not get on a train without a ticket as you will have to bear quite a substantial fee for doing so! You can buy tickets online on  http://www.polskibus.com/en/index.htm (buses) and http://www.intercity.pl/en/ (trains).

What is more, Kraków, as one of the most famous and most important cities in Poland, has train and bus connections with many cities – Wien, Bratislava, Prague or Budapest.

Local transportationlocal transportation

During the event you will stay at Przegorzały Guesthouse (Dom Gościnny Przegorzały) located at ul. Jodłowa 13, 30-251 Kraków.

If you are using public transport, your stop will be called Przegorzały (15minutes walk up hill) or Przegorzały UJ (directly in front of the venue). Please note that foreign student cards do not give you discount on any services in Poland (train/tram/bus!). Surprisingly, the same bus does not stop at Przegorzały and Przegorzały UJ so do not hope that the next stop after Przegorzały will be Przegorzały UJ- it won’t. As the buses (especially during the night and weekends) are less frequent, we though we would give you the option B.

Notice that in case of both Przegorzały and Przegorzały UJ stops you need to press the button prior to reaching the bus stop , as otherwise the bus will not stop. The venue will be the place for both, conference and lodging. It is located on a hill, therefore if you end up getting of at the Przegorzały stop, consider that it is 15minutes walk from the venue (especially on high heels or with luggage might be out of the question and you might be better off taking a taxi or go to Przegorzały UJ stop). Note that UJ stands for Jagiellonian University.  Below you can find some indicatory diretions:

  • The venue is located half way through the airport and the city center, but yet, you would have to go via the city center if you opt for public transport.
  • The taxi from the airport can be anywhere between 15 and 25 Euro.
  • From the airport (KRAKÓW LOTNISKO/AIRPORT) to the city center (Kraków Główny) : get the train (or some can call it fast tram); buy the ticket (and on some routes validate the ticket prior to entering the vehicle). 15 minutes later you are at Kraków Główny, some 5 minutes from the main Square (Rynek)
  • From the city center to the conference venue:
  1. Challenging option: at Plan Wszytkich Świętych, Filharmonia or Teatr Bagatela or Dworzec Główny get to Salwator by tram (Salwator is the end station) and then change to bus numbered 109, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259 or 269 and get off at Przegorzały (at the map below mapped as Jodłowa). The venue is 15 minutes away walking.
  2. “Lazy” option: from Cracovia (10 minutes walk from the main square) take bus number 409 which stops at PRZEGORZAŁY UJ station, situated right in front of the guesthouse. Trick: the bus 409 only runs during the weekdays @ 8:00, 8:40, 9:20, 10:00, 10:50, 11:40, 12:25, 13:10, 14:00, 14:50, 15:35, 16:15, 17:05, 17:50, 18:30, 19:10.

Lastly, after the last daily bus, the night communication (around midnight and later till around 6 in the morning) would be quite difficult as buses travels less often then, so we rather recommend using UBER, however there is a possiblity: from the Main Station you want to take a bus 152 to the bus stop called Cracovia Błonia and then change the bus stop for Cracovia Stadion (which is nearby) and take a bus 109 to a ZASKALE station, from which you will have to walk for about 1,4 km (20 minutes) to the guesthouse.

You can check the public transport in Kraków on this website:       http://krakow.jakdojade.pl/

All participants will be divided into groups, each supervised by a leader of the group who will contact you soon – in the first week (or two) of April. These people will be the ones whom you will be adressing your queries related to logistical arrangements, with.

An additional (and in some cases even recommended) way of travelling through Kraków is UBER, for which we offer coupons. You simply have to download this application on your phone and create an account so you can use it here. If you do it we have a 50 zlotys for you to spend on travelling with UBER if you are a new user of this app. What is important is that you need to register with Uber and register your card. Once you get to the destination you put the information ‘pay with card’ and have the option to pay or enter the voucher- your voucher name is y2ysummit– however, please be aware that coming back from the airport would exceed 50 złotys and a surcharge will be required.

A round of quick questions and answers:

  • I got stuck at the airport or other emergency just occurred- whom do I contact? Ania (0048 735006618) / Mateusz (0048 514807144)
  • I plan to leave suitcases at the bus/train station- is that possible? Yes, lockers at the train and bus station are in place