24th November 2014


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Tiago Ferreira Lopes has a degree in Media Studies and a PhD in International Relations. Currently he serves as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts at Institute of Business and Administration (Karachi, Pakistan) and Cross-Cultural Ambassador of the UNESCO Club at Sorbonne University.

As a researcher focused on transitology and ethnonationalism, Tiago works with several research centers, institutes and think tanks like: Orient Institute (Lisbon University, Portugal); State Building and Fragility Monitor (Lisbon University, Portugal); Euro-Atlantic Diplomacy Association (Lisbon Portugal); Strategic Outlook (Konya, Turkey); WikiStrat (Washington, USA); Sustainable Leadership Initiative (Mumbai, India); Think Tank of the Youth Association for a Greater Europe (Paris, France); Euro-Atlantic! think.act.lead (Bratislava, Slovakia).

In addition, Tiago Ferreira Lopes is a resident-author at PACTA (Lisbon University, Portugal), at MindThis (Ontario, Canada) and at MedioTejo.net (Abrantes, Portugal).

Hossam Godau

Hossam Godau

Hossam Godau is an assistant lecturer at the University of Benha with a BA degree in Physical education, and Masters Degrees in Sustainable Peace and development through sport (from the international university of Monaco) and sports Administration (from the Russian international Olympic University). Hossam has been involved in development work since 2005 as well as being a climate reality project leader since 2013.

Hossam is co-founder of Open Space Egypt and the Egyptian institute of youth policy making. In 2014 he was appointed as the World Sport Alliance secretary-general’s representative in Egypt.

He also worked for UNHCR on child protection and currently advises the Remal foundation in Egypt and is member of the anti-corruption international regional team. Hossam believes in the role of sport, the positive impacts of sport on societies and how it can be used as a tool for development, peace building and social change.

An Egyptian living in Egypt, Hossam has lived and worked in England and India, studied and lived in France, Monaco, and Russia. He has travelled extensively in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia.